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The IntValidator validates base-value and reference-value on equality or unequality of their values.


Note that basic parameters are described in the main article "Validators"!

BaseValue (must be of type int - should be a reflected parameter)
ReferenceValue (must be of type int - should be a static parameter)

IntValidator:Mode (must be of type IntValidationMode - should be a static parameter)
This parameter states which mode should be used to validate the two values (see "IntValidation-Modes" for more detail).
Default: Equal
Options: See "IntValidation-Modes" below.


Example 1:
Your BaseValue is 24.
Your ReferenceValue is 32.
Your IntValidator:Mode is Unequal.

The validator returns valid because the values are unequal.

Example 2:
Your BaseValue is 22.
Your ReferenceValue is -4.
Your IntValidator:Mode is HiqherOrEqual.

The validator returns invalid as -4 is not higher or equal than 22.


  • HigherThan
  • HigherOrEqual
  • Equal
  • Unequal
  • LowerOrEqual
  • LowerThan

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